Gather With Friends at Copley Square Hotel In Back Bay Boston
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On Site

Nightlife In Downtown Boston Near Copley Square Hotel

You don’t have to go anywhere, to feel like you’re somewhere special.

Boston’s best is steps away, and sometimes you don’t even have to go that far!

Jumpstart your morning, with a creative and contemporary breakfast at XHALE, either while strategizing your meeting with compatriots, or planning your day in the city that was made famous by the first patriots. For more private conversations, sequester in the 1891 Boardroom or our state-of-the-art conference room. And, if your meeting is just between the two of you, stay in bed and we can bring it to you!

To kickstart your evening, wander to the minibar, where locals hang, creative cocktails get poured, and loungers nibble on cool conversation, light fare and appetizers. To kip it up a notch (or an octave), slip into the one-time speakeasy and jazz enclave, Storyville, which still echoes sin and seduction, with nightly dining and dancing.

Meeting Space at Copley Square Hotel in Boston